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Oh dude

When that zombie was standing before the start of the movie i was oh no not a micheal jackson immitation. Then i was baffled by the song. it made me laugh really loud.
Gotta show this to to others at work.

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Hella anoying

Sorry to say, but damn it was anoying, my colleges at work where sprouting this for months now. I dont find this movie worth it.

Seriosly nice invented

Haha i laughed my ass off doing that comercial of HP but then a newgrounds version sweet work mate.

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You sir made this day awesome.

Great game, made it past first level after several try's on normal mode. Loving the castlevania music with the stages.

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Being a fan of Epic style music myself its good, the end how ever ended like it fell down a cliff.
That said i assume your not finished yet with this work.
The start is nice and calm and it slowly builds up.
I like how the melody at 1.05 kicks in which makes it very nice. then stops a bit and continues.
If this is not finished i hope you finish it if it is i hope you make a extended version of it.

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IN the beginning the beat it to loud making it to present.
At 1.21 it gets pushed back by the snare but comes back again.
The voice in the break is really nice addition.
Buildup after that is nice and clean, but there is that loud beat again its presence is to forward for my liking.
Other than that its nice.

MessanyRecordings responds:

I thought it would be nice to post something more energetic for a change, but I obviously thought wrong :d

Not bad, has a nice intro and buildup but the music plays to loud and making it distort. Try to fix that.

Stolkmen5000 responds:

I think I have fixed it but the Newgrounds player won't let me listen to it...GRR. But ty for pointing out the problem : )

Edit: It is fixed. Finally was able to listen to it. Newgrounds Player!!!

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