Entry #9

New year, 2nd month hmmm

2012-02-10 06:24:47 by DanteChaos

Start of the year has been busy for me, new designs to do, new projects to make and work aswell.
Currently working on a site that gives discount on webshops when you buy something trough them. great idea though the programming takes allot of tiem. They have great ideas wich i must agree are rather unique, making them however proved more difficult than i thought.

New design!
I love the new design of newgrounds, i've missed on the flash and audio for a couple of weeks and when i came back i was like wowzors!

Retry on music
Im currently following some tutorials on how to improve my music with FLstudio. The program keeps getting better and well i need way more practice before i can we called an musician.


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