New year, 2nd month hmmm

2012-02-10 06:24:47 by DanteChaos

Start of the year has been busy for me, new designs to do, new projects to make and work aswell.
Currently working on a site that gives discount on webshops when you buy something trough them. great idea though the programming takes allot of tiem. They have great ideas wich i must agree are rather unique, making them however proved more difficult than i thought.

New design!
I love the new design of newgrounds, i've missed on the flash and audio for a couple of weeks and when i came back i was like wowzors!

Retry on music
Im currently following some tutorials on how to improve my music with FLstudio. The program keeps getting better and well i need way more practice before i can we called an musician.

Nothing new

2011-06-08 08:11:15 by DanteChaos

Well i havent been up to something new at all. Just work work and work.
I bought some cool plugins for FLstudio last week. Gonna try them out and actually make a song that aint shorter than 1 minute.

Next to that. nah nothing :D

Been a while

2010-05-20 02:48:05 by DanteChaos

So recently submitted a new demo, havent done that in 2 years now i think. DIdt have any time for it.
Im stil hard at work with my own company and well having a 2nd job takes alot of free time away.

Im hoping to get this new song done soon, but not speeding it up that it sucks even more than the current voting it has.

Further news, well nothing actually :p

Woot im becoming a company!

2009-12-10 08:51:26 by DanteChaos

Woot yeah so in 2 weeks my site aka chaosdesignz is becoming a company under yours truly.
Purpose is for several clients of mine i develop websites for said its much better than freelance. I dont care though i earn enough to support a 1 man company. Perhaps in the future it might even expand.

Though my site needs people XD

(that said i stil havent finished my own site hahaha)

Work work and again more work

2008-10-03 07:57:28 by DanteChaos

Like the title says im working more than enjoying myself by making music or workin on my private projects. Been a helluva month, 2 projects done in only 2 weeks stressing out alot with it.

Now i recently bought the sytrus for FL studio and got some nice generators aside aswell. Recently playing with FL slayer and its giving me a nice idea for a MMX-5 remix.

Started a Blog aswell but stil gotta use the darn thing haha.

Hows life

2008-03-26 11:02:39 by DanteChaos

WEll hows life for me?

Pretty decent, recently bought the producer edition of FL Studio and started to remix midi songs for my game into nice MP3.
Work goes sweet aswell working on a great project, cant tell what it is though XD company secret.

Recently started to play Lineage2 again on private server ofcource. I like it XD (again)

O and im turning 21 in 2 months soon so gonna have to organize a party of some sort.... o boy....

First submission to newgrounds!

2007-12-16 15:49:45 by DanteChaos

Well i finaly did it XD submitted my first actually good song to newgrounds. Though waiting on moderater aproval cus this is my first go at it.

Hope everyone likes it.... /111791

Maxon - Twin Souls

Continued today again on the storyline of my game and till now everyone like's the story sofar. I actualyl think of the story at night dreaming of the story and i write it down in the morning. This night i had a very nice dream.
I was together with my sister (of the game) in a small town trying to find out where to go. We found out of a secret related to our bloodline in a small town. and more but i forgot it XD did write it down but it's at home and im at work atm so.

Maybe il post it here once.


Yeah now this is a subject that is going nicely. The webcoding is coming along great as many systems are taking form and 3/7 already work. Currently busy on creating an Audio portal and a Picture Portal (gallery for stuff). Working with the Vbulletin User DB so its all intergrated into the forums.

Thats it for today.

- Dante Chaos

The start of a new Era

Im finishd with my old live, I have started anew. New projects, new graphics, new songs.
Ive deleted all my old work and going to begin on new work.

RPG Maxon - Twin Souls
Progress of my new RPG game called Maxon - Twin Soula is going nice the storyline is going along pretty well, got alot of sweet music to use for it.

As i am almost to completion of Chaosdesignz thanks to efforts of Jarek and Liam it is soon to be opening.
keep a close eye on this blog as im going to update it every day from now on.

- Dante Chaos

One of my fav poem's (i didt made these)
Dark at night
And the stars aglow,
Crunching on gravel
Down below

And the wind's blowing fierce
And then it blows slow,
The trees bend uneasy,
Leaning to and fro

And the fields have found a feeling
That sucks me from my gaze,
And I'm living in the darkness
Where only darkness stays,

Flying to the Frightening,
Lost within strange fear:
I turn my head and look away -
The Frightening is too near.